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HOD – Training and Placement
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Sanskar Educational Group provides full placement support to its students in all in its areas of professional education – Technology, Management, Pharmacy and Architecture. The underlying objective of Sanskar Educational Group is to create and transfer knowledge for the welfare of the general public.

The Changing standards have necessitated the need for a scholastic establishment to encourage another type of experts – people furnished with the correct sort of learning and trainability. The flow of market have gone higher as far as desires and just those survive and support who have the correct track for tolerating challenges. The changed economic scenario across the globe has forced organizations to look for professionals who will be an early contributor to business function so that he/she can help create value for organization and be the role model of its future growth. The institute has very high degree of adaptability.

Sanskar Educational Group has extremely lively and dynamic Training and Placement Cell. The prominent recruiters of our students are the notable brands. We focus on hundred percent positions for the pass outs of the institute.

In addition to providing Placement support to the students in the prestigious organisations, we also facilitate training of our students in the industries during summer and winter vacations, project work for the students in the final year, continuous institute-industry interactions, alumni activities, participation in exhibitions, fairs, seminars and conferences, counselling of the students on job opportunities, facilitating industry visits and Inviting distinguished speakers to add value in our programs. There is very sound interaction between the institute and the industrial organizations for the training of the students. Our Institute is always on the edges for Student Trainings.

We are proud that our students stand up to the organizational expectations and deliver results. Sanskar Educational Group’s Alumni is scattered all around the country. The Training & Placement Cell has to its credit the reunions through various activities. Our students today are occupying dignified positions in Multinationals, Corporates, PSUs and other Organisations with excellent compensation packages.

We endeavor to exceed expectations in each field and the Training and Placement Cell of this establishment has no exceptions

Ms. Rinki Tyagi
Manager – Campus Placements
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Sanskar Educational Group has been a premier institute in NCR for imparting technical, management and pharmacy education. It is our persistent effort to empower students to be self-confident and ready for industry. Being in the vicinity of Noida we have a very symbiotic relationship with corporate. Students get insight of the industry by frequent talks and presentations by senior industry professionals. They are placed in various esteemed companies for an eight week internship after their third year. Students throughout the year are trained on industry relevant technical skills. Their skills are honed to have better team player ability, analytical skills and positive outset.

Corporate selection process training for freshers and talks on ethics and corporate culture help students to face interviews. Frequent industry visits are also been done for better practical understanding of concepts taught. Students work as an integral part of the placement cell and every year we have been accomplishing outstanding placements.

Mr. Munna Mishra
PDP Trainer
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Mr. Munna Mishra, Asso. Prof. T&P Cell, Sanskar Educational Group, is a former senior media person with Times of India. He has 16 years of working experience in English media but his heart always lies with academics. He holds a master degree in Political Science from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi and Masters in Mass communication from Guru Jambeshwar University besides PGDM in Mass Communication from Sardar Patel College of Communication Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan He was among the 10 selected from India for 10-week BBC TV journalism Media Programme for students from commonwealth countries. A key member of T&P cell, he focuses on personality development of each student to make him employable globally. His uniquely interwoven class comprises a synthesis between best practices from management studies and advance English learning programme.

His class focuses on English for all competitive exams including exams for higher studies. He firmly believes “Communication wins half the battle” and his “Learn with fun” and “English in Action” approach keeps our students engaged all through, from first year onward at Sanskar Educational Group. His class include verbal(English including grammar and vocabulary building through storytelling  and situational vocabulary building, learning framing sentences, common errors, synonym and antonym, etc) and none verbal communication, preparing project reports and presentations. Voice modulation, preparation for interviews including conducting, telephonic interviews and mock interviews to simulate an interview room situation to gauge the level of preparation, group discussions, debate and extempore, gesture and behavioral control etc. Besides, how a student learns to deal and conduct himself in modern corporate world for which he lays emphasis on—  a peek into decision making process, flow of decisions, social justice, Maslow’s- need-hierarchy theory, brain mapping of bosses, problems of re-orientation, solutions for such challenges, understating various types of authorities including modern democratic organizations, developing a secular outlook towards the civilized world, motivation, understating various principles of management, understanding micro and macroeconomics of modern organizations, time and stress management,  planning career growth in right way amidst global financial slump, understanding industry’s needs, and last but not the least keeping our students abreast with all current affairs from scientific world to national and international issues.

Mr. Perwaiz Alam,
Asst. professor
Sanskar College of Pharmacy and Research
Mob : 9015306809

At Sanskar Educational Group we are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values and sanskars. This is just one of the many reasons, why we are consistently doing better day by day in academics and in training and placement activities of our students. As part of this endeavor, we have air-conditioned amphitheater style classrooms that provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions, while the libraries at our campus are equipped with over 25,000 books, periodicals, national and international journals, CD-ROMS, covering all aspects of academic studies and research material. The well-equipped labs act as ideal training grounds for budding professionals that allow students to experiment and bring to practice what they have learnt in theory.

I, Perwaiz Alam joined as Lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Sanskar College of Pharmacy and Research in 2008. I obtained B. Pharm. degree from Jamia Hamdard in 2006 and M. Pharm. (Pharm.Chem) in 2008, from Jamia Hamdard after qualifying GATE conducted by IIT-K with 97 percentile. I have supervised the research of 4 M.Pharm aspirants and have published 19 research papers in national and international journals.

Ms. Money Walia
PDP Trainer

Ms. Money Walia PDP Trainer is an ace corporate trainer and associated with plethora of MNCs and Educational  institutions. She  possess a unique talent to teach English language pronunciation which is unmatched in any training industry. Imparting soft skills training to the students through various training modules & presentations. Counseling students as when required to enable their placements in jobs.


The Collective Consciousness can only be raised by working on our Inner Consciousness.The Organisations can raise at all the levels of creation where leaders nurture minds by involving hearts and when everyone is encouraged to work on Self, holistically.

In  my current role, I am working as a Soft Skills Trainer, Coach, Healer & Consultant.

  • Demonstrates understanding of Employ ability skills, teaching materials, and procedures with understanding of various teaching methods.
  • Group discussions & Personal interviews with corporate specific Trends & Needs.
  • Build student profile in the market through sustained delivery standards.
  • I cover English Grammar (Modern English) and globally accepted V&A.
  • I cover Pronunciation & Origination of English Language which can help students to understand to communicate effectively with native speakers.
  • I help Students in developing their personalities (Posture, Walking Style, Learn the secrets of making people like you).
  • My training methodology is based on: Public Speaking Skills, Personal Mentoring, Achieving Personal Effectiveness, more interaction, classroom games, free speeches, role plays, presentation, regular feedback, mock assessments.

I believe that Personal Development Programme  running  in our colleges are  “Training Programmes” aimed at enhancing /developing the soft skills & attitudinal and behavioral competencies that will bridge the gap b/w the existing proficiencies of the students & those expected in their career/workplace and thus help them integrate with expectations of the potential corporate employer/market (if self employed), in particular and the workplace & the life in general. Development is the consequence of internalization of the training content (or any learning content/intervention) by the trainee (or learner) leading to a changed/enhanced status (proficiency level) of the knowledge/skills/attitude/competencies within the learner / trainee. Thus Development is the “growth” in proficiency for a betterment; and the intervention causing this may be a structured one like teaching and training, conferences etc. or unstructured one like life experiences; learning by observation, from peers & society etc.

Training is thus a wide term & has wide application e.g.- Corporates get employees or managers trained for using new technologies/upgrading skills; Govt. may get its staff trained for understanding new administrative norms or regulations; election commission may get agents trained on use of new EVM’s; an insurance agency may train agents/sales persons on new product offerings & selling techniques; an automobile service co. may get mechanics trained for servicing new car models which have changed design, a software solutions company may get new hires trained on specific skill sets of Java or (.) Net or PHP or Web development etc.

We know recruiters expect “High Performance on the Job”- High Performance means results delivered:

Those who possess the correct mix of competencies suited for the job are more effective in that job role- (i.e. matching of competencies). However there exists a gap between student preparation and recruiter expectations. Bridging this gap is the purpose of training  at the college.

“Aptitude Test Preparation”

Recruiting Companies conduct tests of Aptitude to evaluate a candidate’s suitability-at least for entry level it is a common tool to judge the student’s potential on a common scale (devoid of curriculum; faculty & study influences)

Technical Aptitude tests are conducted to judge clarity of concepts & basics/fundamentals knowledge of a subject.

Therefore “Aptitude is the intrinsic potential of the available resources within a person that can be developed into high performance for specific task or responsibility through training & development

Aptitudes can be multifarious e.g. Aptitude for singing may be different from that for dancing or for drama. Aptitude for Science (Physics) may be different from that for Management though some what closer to that for Mathematics & these may be quite different from that needed for Air Pilots.

For Engineering students the six Aptitude Classifications are:

  1. Logic & Reasoning Ability
  2. Analytic
  3. Quantitative
  4. Data Interpretation
  5. Thematic ability & Comprehension
  6. Verbal & Language Ability

For Management students in addition to the above the under mentioned parameters are also important (these are competencies not necessarily aptitudes)

  1. Decision Making & Problem Solving
  2. Leadership Qualities & Traits
  3. Interpersonal, People & situational sensitivity
  4. Confidence & Poise
  5. Adaptability
  6. Keen Business Sense
  7. Negotiation & Assertion
  8. Aptitude to a fair extent is naturally occurring or intrinsic & partly a learned state of readiness e.g. a student from a business family may display a keener sense of business than that from a farmers or musicians family. Therefore Practice & awareness helps in improving scores in Aptitude Tests, so we conduct Aptitude Test Preparation & Practice (and not Aptitude Training).

As all the students at the college are undergoing the professional courses of study – they have to carve out a career in their domains-either through corporate employment or self-employment, thus 5, 6 & 7 are the assessment methods for us, as a college-viz. the corporate recruiters expectations vis a vis the current level of preparation of students after the study of the curriculum. In our case the “gaps” are well known and there are generic needs for development through training so we do not have to assess the needs batch to batch. Some of the important generic needs are:

  1. Communication Skills in English
  2. Interpersonal/Behavioural Skills; good dress sense, etiquettes & manners
  3. Emotional Maturity – People & Situational sensitivity and regulation of emotions
  4. Winning Attitudes- positive attitudes; and qualities of perseverance & hard work
  5. e) Wholesome Personality & Values (VATS-H)
  6. A clear Vision- Goal Focus & owning of Responsibility /Achievement Motive
  7. Good Decision making and Problem Solving/Negotiation Skills.

Also we have to follow strategies & styles which are “generic” in nature and provide enough learning to move forward for all – a step ahead from their current level of the student.

The trainers are like farmers who prepare the soil, plant good seeds suited to the soil, and tend and nurture the new growth . They should harbour no illusion that they can make things grow or determine their ultimate size or shape. Yes, they can help each seed to grow to its full potential.


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