We know recruiters expect “High Performance on the Job”- High Performance means results delivered:

Those who possess the correct mix of competencies suited for the job are more effective in that job role- (i.e. matching of competencies). However there exists a gap between student preparation and recruiter expectations. Bridging this gap is the purpose of T&D at the college.

Personal Development Programme being run in the colleges are thus “Training Programmes” aimed at enhancing /developing the soft skills & attitudinal and behavioural competencies that will bridge the gap b/w the existing proficiencies of the students & those expected in their career/workplace and thus help them integrate with expectations of the potential corporate employer/market (if self employed), in particular and the workplace & the life in general.

WE run personality development program as an integral part of its academic curriculum.

The program aims to keep the students abreast of the latest trends in the industry and educational organizations through industrial visits, guest lectures, and summer trainings and workshops. The program is also responsible for organizing symposiums, educational visits and events, and keeping the students up-to-date about various symposiums and conferences. The industry interface cell also explores career opportunities for students in industry and research organizations. The affairs of the industry cell program are being managed by a joint faculty-student cell. Industry and academia interface is highly crucial in knowledge driven economy, where the students pursuing different professional programmes are expected to be well versed in the industry working. The college encourages industry interaction with a wide cross-section of professionals in the industry.

Summer projects, industry interaction programs, seminars, workshops etc., are organized in association with the industry. These events offer students an opportunity to observe and assimilate the structure, the organizational traits and the business environment of the industry. The students are able to learn communication skills, analytical abilities and get awareness of the prerequisites of the job requirements in all sectors.

Our training and placement experts are continuously tracking the requirements of the industry through regular interaction with the HR departments of the industry. Students are made to undertake case studies, industry projects, presentations, research work and working as trainees for the specific period of time to acquire relevant and practical experience of industry working.

The Placement dept. works in tandem with the potential employers to understand their recruitment needs analyze them and trains the students accordingly. By creating interface between the academia and corporate world enable the T&P dept. to help the students to make sound career choices. .

Industry-Academia interaction is promoted through the following methods:

  • Industry training under summer internship
  • Industry Projects
  • Industrial Visits
  • Guest Lectures

Summer Training

Training and Placement dept. focuses on preparing the students for dynamics of professional life with the objective of promoting industry-academic linkage. Our summer training is planned to put more stress on applying theoretical concepts into hands-on work experience in the industry. Students have to undergo two months summer internship in the companies/departments, with which we have tie-ups.

For engineering students the summer training is undertaken in the penultimate year and for students of management it starts after the second semester of the program. For the students of undergraduate programmes in management and business studies summer training is introduced from the fourth semester. For all the courses this session is faculty-supervised.

This summer training equips the students with practical application skills, relevant to various situations. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the theoretical concepts and practical applications of these concepts. This training is a simulation of the real work environment and enables students to experience the rigors of a professional organization.


Senior students & Faculty members act as mentors to guide the juniors & improve their comfort level during the duration of their program.

In today’s highly competitive world a special training in soft skills, personality enhancement and fluent English is imperative.

The college has understood the need of the hour and has carefully designed the course program in such a manner so as to equip the students to face all challenges, develop their all round personality and make them aware of their untapped potential.

This course is conducted by experts who have years of experience in the corporate world and academics. The progression from basic English training to the development of job related skills, is a continuous process conducted on a regular basis for the entire course duration. It also takes into account the absorption and assimilation competencies of the students.

The course content of this program consists of training in group discussion, teaching the interview techniques, personality grooming and honing communication skills. There is a great emphasis in inculcating positive attitude, a pleasing body language and etiquettes.


  • To provide students with opportunities to apply the concepts learnt in the class room to real life situations.
  • To sensitize students to the nuances of work place by assigning time bound projects in a company.
  • To provide students a platform to work and develop a network which will be useful to further their career prospects.

Taking aptitude test for your personal career assessment will help you to identify your strong and weak points. Aptitude tests help you understand which type of career will be best suited for you according to your potential. Recruiting Companies conduct tests of Aptitude to evaluate a candidate’s suitability-at least for entry level it is a common tool to judge the student’s potential on a common scale (devoid of curriculum; faculty & study influences) Technical Aptitude tests are conducted to judge clarity of concepts & basics/fundamentals knowledge of a subject.

In modern days economic system the most valuable asset is knowledge. Day by day increasing competition and invention of cutting edge technologies are the results of revolution in the global Educational system and use of process oriented learning environment; which is essential for the modern corporate world. For the students  starting an educational journey or professional career depends on the performance in the selection processes which So, it is absolutely necessary for the students to prepare themselves for different types of Aptitude Tests; which have become essential part of any type of a modern selection process.

There are certain methods and techniques that a student should follow to ensure that he or she scores high marks and finish the test with flying colours. However, for this they need to familiarize themselves with the types of Aptitude Test they would be encountering and Practice accordingly. There is a another point that a student should take into consideration before the preparation, that is every Job require different types of preparation and formats and all of them has significant differences. It shows both the employer and the employee that whether the candidate is a perfect fit for the Job or not and whether the Job is suitable for the candidate or not. Being satisfied with the result is crucial factor for the both the parties. Aptitude Test process also helps to control employee turnover rate. A process oriented structured Aptitude Test helps the employers to choose the right candidate for his or her company. .

We  help the students in their preparation for all types of  placement tests ,competitive and entrance examinations. It gives you a chance to understand the types of Aptitude Test and practice accordingly. It also, provide previous year`s question papers for selection process from various companies and colleges also the profile of the corporate to make the  student understand the nature and culture of the employer, so that he or she can mentally prepare themselves for the test. It helps a candidate to increase the speed and the accuracy while solving an Aptitude Test paper.

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