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About the Department

The Departments of EC was established in 2005 at Sanskar Educational Group, is well known for providing quality technical education to the students from all over India and abroad through regular education streams. The best b.tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) college is “with the blink of an eye” advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other second from every corner. With technology becoming rife in everyday life, opportunities for Electronics engineers are endless. The ECE department at Sanskar Educational Group prepares students for careers in this constantly evolving discipline. This department cultivates young minds and provides them the appropriate launching pads to grow and excel in the ever changing and dynamic technical world. The curriculum of all the courses are designed to cover a wide range of areas such as telecommunication networks, chip designing, power generation, transmission and distribution, electric drives, biomedical, electrical machines, modern control systems, embedded systems, renewable energy systems etc. The faculty team consists of experts from the industry and academia. The department is highly eulogized for its activities on the technical front, contributing highly towards the development of cutting edge technologies and professionals. The faculties are well motivated and take personal care of the students and counsel them at regular intervals. The department has always been on a high growth path and keeps pace with the current technological trends. While building on a solid foundation of the fundamentals, the students are also exposed to emerging trends in the industry and are moulded to be quality professional of the future.

International Study Tour

As a part our B.Tech Curriculum students will travel abroad and visit Top Global Institutes and Industries.. This addition to our program is made to help our students learn from the working of these Global Organisations which will further enhance their personality and would give them edge in Campus Placements.

There is just no substitute for the first-hand experience our B.Tech students will gain from it.

Programme Educational Objective

  • To prepare them to meet the challenges of life with full confidence.
  •  Aim at all round development of the personality to be successful & useful citizens.
  • Our goal is to develop competent students with good value systems to face challenges of the continuously changing world.
  • To participate in lifelong-learning activities that enhances their professional and personal development.
  • With a perception to be a respected and pursue after group of educational institutions, we are very much engaged in equipping individuals to be capable of building learning organization in the new millennium.
  • Get Admission in b.tech 2017 in Delhi/NCR, Ghaziabad at Less fees, good location & placement.
  • To inculcate in students, professional attitude, effective communication skills and capability to succeed in multi-disciplinary and diverse fields.
  • To promote students to continue to pursue professional development, including continuing or advanced education relevant to their career growth and to create enthusiasm for life-long learning.


To keep pace with the current technological trends, the departments have a well-designed, constantly reviewed labs, lecture halls, seminar hall and departmental library with Wi-Fi facility to incorporate all advancements in existing and emerging technologies which gives the students a holistic and pragmatic view of the present scenario of the Electronics and Communication industry and Electrical and Electronics organization. All the labs complement the high standards set by the competitive syllabus and nurture the inclination of the students towards research and development, besides giving them the necessary and sufficient backing of practical knowledge that they need.


The departments have the following well equipped laboratories & facilities to supplement theory with practice.

  • Project Laboratory
  • Communication Laboratory-I (Analog Communication)
  • Communication Laboratory-II (Digital Communication)
  • Communication Laboratory –III
  • Optical Communication Laboratory
  • MATLAB Laboratory
  • Telemetry Laboratory
  • CAD Laboratory (VHDL & VLSI Tools)
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
  • Microwave Laboratory
  • Microprocessor Laboratory
  • Analog Integrated Circuit Laboratory
  • Microcontrollers For Embedded Systems Lab
  • Printed Circuit Board Laboratory
  • Electronics Measurement Laboratory
  • Electronics Engineering Laboratory-I
  • Electronics Engineering Laboratory-II
  • Electrical Engineering Lab
  • Measurement Lab
  • Network Lab
  • Numerical Technique Lab
  • Simulation Lab
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Control System Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Power System Lab
  • Project Lab
Name Designation
Prof. Kapil Kumar HOD (EC&EN)
Mr. Rajneesh Sharma Assistant Professor
Divya Sharma Assistant Professor
Mr. Naresh Gupta Lab Techician
Mr. Ratan Pal Lab Techician
Achievement Title Achievement Description
Best scholar Award Ms. Alka Parihar (EC Deptt) got best M.Tech (Gold Medalist) Scholar Award by CM Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Yadav at Madan Mohan Malviya Institute of Technology in 2015.
Designed a war field spy Robot Mr. Amit Pariyar (Students of EN 4th Year) designed a war field spy Robot. It is android based project for spying and survillence.
Faculty Name Paper Title Journal Name Conference Name Publication Year
Kapil Kumar Design & Simulation of SIR Inter digital Band Pass Filter RAMCWC 2013
Kapil Kumar Extended Port Dual Band Planar Branch Line Coupler IJETAC 2014
Ashok Kumar Design and Simulation of Metamaterial Loaded Substrate Integrated Waveguide fed patch antenna for X-Band Military Applications IEEE Conference Madras 2016
Ashok Kumar A Review on Future Planar Transmission Line Cogent Engg.( Taylor & Francis) 2016
Ashok Kumar Extended Port Dual Band Planar Branch Line Coupler, vol.2 IJETAE 2014
Ashok Kumar Design & Simulation Of Micro strip Antenna for Cancer Diagnosis IJSER 2013
Ashok Kumar CMOS Design of 16 Bit Comparator using NOR Gate on 120 nm Technology RAMCWC 2013
Preet Kamal Goel Design on Micro strip Patch Antenna For X & Ku Band using PBG Structure VSRD 2013
Preet Kamal Goel Design of Zig-Zag Patch Antenna for Dual Band using PBG Structure NCWCET 2014
Alka Parihar Design of Si-Ge Resonant Tunnel Diode Pair for Low Power Application RACEM 2015
Alka Parihar Review on Tunnel SRAM for low Power Application IMJEE 2014
Ketaki Solanki Fast ICA for Ultrasound Image de- noising using Multi Scale RIDGELET Transform IJAET 2012
Rajneesh Sharma Multilevel Inverter Approach to Improve Performance of Induction Motor Drives IJAEEE ON LINE 2012
Rajneesh Sharma Three Level Inverter IJAEEE Approach to Improve ON LINE 2012 Performance of Induction Motor Drive IJAEEE ON LINE 2012
Dheeresh Kumar On-road obstacle detection system for driver assistance IEEE Conference 2016
Faculty Name Title Organised By Topic Venue
Kapil Kumar ETMIC-2010 IEEE, Delhi Microwave Antenna Muzaffar Nagar
Ashok Kumar IAW-2014 IEEE, NITTTR Chandigarh Substrate Integrated Wave Guide & Metamaterial Chandigarh
Dheeresh Kumar Short Term Course UCER ALLAHABAD APQC-2015 UCER Allahabad
Dheeresh Kumar Embedded Software Design Techniques RCPL Embedded System SGIT ,GZB
Abdul Malik Embedded Software Design Technique RCPL Embedded System SGIT, GZB
Ashok Kumar Antenna Design Fabrication & Testing JSSATE, Noida Microwave Antenna JSSATE,NOIDA
Faculty Name Title Organized By Topic Venue
Ashok Kumar FDP WIPRO Mission 10x By Wipro Improvement of Teaching Skills AIMT Greater Noida
Dheeresh Kumar FDP TMU Moradabad Research Methodology TMU Moradabad
Preet Kamal Goel FDP JSSATE, Noida Analog /Embedded Technology JSSATE,Noida
Ashok Kumar FDP JSSATE, Noida Analog /Embedded Technology JSSATE,Noida
Faculty Name Title Venue
Ashok Kumar Design a Traffic Light Controller using Seven Segment Display IIT Roorkee

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