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About the Department

The department of Computer Science and Engineering has been established with a vision to lead in computer science education and research. Computer Science has profoundly impacted science and technology and has become a way of life. Therefore, we, focus on blending theory and practice in a way that learning becomes fun and students become thinkers and explorers. The department takes care to ensure that the basic scientific principles of Computer Science are presented to the student and actively tries to point out the differences between the Computation as a science and software. Our mission statement elucidates this point further.

Program Educational Objective :

Computer Science Engineering has more of an emphasis software, hardware and networking domains. The focus is more on how to design, develop and test computer hardware, networking protocols, designing systems with microprocessors, building embedded systems, writing microcode, circuit design and construction

The Main Objective of Studying Computers Science is to get knowledge-

  • To write a program in various languages & for various platforms.
  • To understand the working of network protocols.
  • The working of Microprocessor & their circuit design.
  • To learn testing various codes & Modules.
  • The field of artificial intelligence.

CS students learn how to design, develop and test algorithms, software, develop effective solutions to computing problems in various social, economic and organizational domains.


The department is well-equipped with several, Classrooms, Projection Halls, Seminar Halls, Smart Classrooms, we havespecialized laboratories installed with a variety of software catering to the needs of computer science education and research. We strongly emphasize the conduct of weekly seminars to inculcate the art of culling out study material from journals and to hone communication skills.



  • Operating System Programming Lab
  • Networking & Server laboratory
  • Systems Programming laboratory
  • Software Engineering laboratory
  • Windows Programming laboratory
  • Multimedia & Graphics laboratory
  • Java Technology laboratory
  • Database& Oracle Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence-LISP Lab

Director Engineering

Prof. (Dr.) B. P. Singh

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