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About the Department

The department of Computer Science and Engineering has been established with a vision to lead in computer science engineering education and research. Computer Science has profoundly impacted science and technology and has become a way of life. Therefore, we, focus on blending theory and practice in a way that learning becomes fun and students become thinkers and explorers. The department takes care to ensure that the basic scientific principles of Computer Science are presented to the student and actively tries to point out the differences between the Computation as a science and software. Our mission statement elucidates this point further.

International Study Tour

As a part our B.Tech Curriculum students will travel abroad and visit Top Global Institutes and Industries.. This addition to our program is made to help our students learn from the working of these Global Organisations which will further enhance their personality and would give them edge in Campus Placements.

There is just no substitute for the first-hand experience our B.Tech students will gain from it.

Programme Educational Objective

Computer Science Engineering has more of an emphasis software, hardware and networking domains. The focus is more on how to design, develop and test computer hardware, networking protocols, designing systems with microprocessors, building embedded systems, writing microcode, circuit design and construction.

The Main Objective of Studying Computers Science is to get knowledge-

  • To write a program in various languages & for various platforms.
  • To understand the working of network protocols.
  • The working of Microprocessor & their circuit design.
  • To learn testing various codes & Modules.
  • The field of artificial intelligence.

CS students learn how to design, develop and test algorithms, software, develop effective solutions to computing problems in various social, economic and organizational domains.


The department is well-equipped with several, Classrooms, Projection Halls, Seminar Halls, Smart Classrooms, we havespecialized laboratories installed with a variety of software catering to the needs of computer science education and research. We strongly emphasize the conduct of weekly seminars to inculcate the art of culling out study material from journals and to hone communication skills.



  • Operating System Programming Lab
  • Networking & Server laboratory
  • Systems Programming laboratory
  • Software Engineering laboratory
  • Windows Programming laboratory
  • Multimedia & Graphics laboratory
  • Java Technology laboratory
  • Database& Oracle Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence-LISP Lab
Name Designation
Dr. Vinish Kumar Prof. & HOD
Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh Asst. Prof.
Ms. Anamika Goel Asst. Prof.
Ms. Sony Kumari Asst. Prof.
Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh Asst. Prof.
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Tripathi Asst. Prof.
Ms. Anamika Goel Asst. Prof.
Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary Asst. Prof.
Mr. Nidhi Sharma Asst. Prof.
Ms. Saakshi Agarwal Asst. Prof.
Mr. Ankur Mittal Asst. Prof.
Mr. Shazad Malik Asst. Prof.
Mr. Kishti Agarwal Asst. Prof.
Mr. Lav Agarwal Asst. Prof.
Mr. Harshit Garg Asst. Prof.
Mr. Sailesh Kr. Chaudhary Asst. Prof.
Ms. Shivani Jindal Asst. Prof.
Ms. Sonal Goyal Asst. Prof.
Mr. Kaushal Vats System Admin.
Mr. Vivek Kumar Lab technician
Ms. Pooja Chauhan Lab technician
Mr. Prashant Giri Lab technician
Achievement Title Achievement Description
“College Topper” A Student secured 80.3% in 2017(End Semester examination) & Rest of the students secured more than 75%.
“Placement-2017” Amongst the final year 70% of the students from CSE were successfully placed on above average package (min 2.8LPA to max 5LPA)
“Gate-2017” Amongst our final year students 80% of the strength appeared for the GATE-2017.
“Designed a Robotic Arm” Mr.Jai Kishore (Student CSE-3rd Year) designed a Robotic Arm which is a type of mechanical arm, usually programmable, with similar functions to a human arm, the arm may be the sum total of the mechanism or may be part of a more complex robot. The terminus of the kinematic chain of the manipulator is called the end effectors and it is analogous to the human hand. Basically this arm grabs the object and up lifts it and placed it at desired place manually through Bluetooth.
Designed Website E-Campus website based on android application which allows registered users of the system to join a course available in the site and access the materials published for the course. People can register themselves as students of a course or Faculty for a course.

Online Selling Website based on PHP which helps in buying of goods, products and services online by choosing the listed products from website. Purchasing of goods online, user can choose different products based on categories , online payments , delivery services and hence covering the disadvantages of the existing system and making the buying easier and helping the vendors to reach wider market.

Designed Website Android Based blood bank app project acts as an important role in saving life of human beings and which is also its main aim. The project Android Blood Bank app is developed so that users can view the information about registered blood donors such as name, address, and other such personal information along with their details of blood group and other medical information of donor.
Faculty Name Paper Title Journal Name Conference Name Publication Year
Dr.Vinish Kumar Indian Currency Denomination Recognition for Visually Impaired IJCA,Newyork 2017
Dr.Vinish Kumar Proposed Software Development for Small organization & its Explanation CCSIT-2012 2012
Dr.Vinish Kumar Proposed Algorithm using WARE for the Elicitation of Software requirements IJET IACSIT 2011
Dr.Vinish Kumar Prediction of software project Effort Estimation: Case Study IJMO IACSIT 2011
Dr.Vinish Kumar Function Poin Analysis for Small Organization, Using Fuzzy Numbers ICECT-2011 2011
Dr.Vinish Kumar Background Substraction Technique ISAC2K11 2011
Dr.Vinish Kumar Study Of Software Models ETCSIT-2011 at Dhauj Haryana 2011
Dr.Vinish Kumar Public & Private Partnership: Reality Check & Road Ahead SHODH-2011 2011
Dr.Vinish Kumar Environment for Distributed Software Development ETCSIT-2010 by AFSET, Dhauj Haryana 2011
Dr.Vinish Kumar How Scheduling method improve QOS in Network, CPU & DISK ACST-2009 at IMS Eng. College GZB 2009
Prabhat Arora Palm vein technology versus other biometric technology RTEECE-2012 International Conference at JNU 2012
Prabhat Arora Introduction to Data Mining-Emerging Trends ETTE-2011 at AFSET, Faridabad 2011
Prabhat Arora Hierarchial Model for RTC National Conference at MAIT, GZB 2013
Prabhat Arora Popularisation Of Software Models for Testing International Conference on ETCSIT, at Faridabad 2012
Pradeep Tripathi Prediction of software project effort using fuzzy logic ICECT-chennai 2011
Pradeep Tripathi Performance evaluation of mobile adhoc network routing protocols by varying mobility ETCSIT-2012 at AFSET, Faridabad 2012
Pradeep Tripathi Grid computing model cloud E-Learning Tools Technology & current Trends 2013
Pradeep Tripathi An aid to learning Automated test case generation using UML diagrams ETCSIT-2013 at AFSET, Faridabad 2013
Shipra Jain An information security-based literature survey and classification framework of data storage in DNA IJNVO 2013
Shipra Jain Data Security in DNA using Complementary Rule Technique IJCYSE 2014
Shipra Jain A Novel Ammonic Conversion Algorithm for Securing Data in DNA using Parabolic Encryption IRMJ 2014
Shipra Jain Identifying Solar Suitability of a Region Using Fuzzy IJAIN 2012
Shipra Jain Analogy of Various DNA Based Security Algorithms Using Cryptography and Steganography ICICICT 2013
Shipra Jain A Novel Complementary Rule method for Securing data in DNA using Helical Approach ERCICA 2014
Shipra Jain Bit Based Symmetric Encryption Method Using DNA Sequence Confluence 2014
Shivani Jindal A study of Face Recognition Techniques. IJATES 2016
Shivani Jindal Face Recognition Using Gabor Wavelet and SOM IJMTER 2016
Vishal Kumar Cloud Computing & its impact on Library Sciences International Conference at Technia SRFLIS Summit 2011
Faculty Name Title Organised By Topic Venue
Prabhat Arora WBDA-2013 Amity University Big Data Analytics-Insight & Innovations Amity Campus Noida
Prabhat Arora JTE-2010 Tech Gurukul Revolution In Telecom RTE Infosys, New Delhi
Pradeep Tripathi WBDA-2013 Amity University Big Data Analytics-Insight & Innovations Amity Campus Noida
Pradeep Tripathi IT recession LKEC,Ghaziabad IT Infrastruture Globalization in times of Recession Lord krishnaEngg college Ghaziabad
Vishal Kr Kanaujia VB.Net Microsoft VB.Net KIET Ghaziabad
Dr. Vinish kumar WBDA-2013 Amity University Big Data Analytics-Insight & Innovations Amity Campus Noida
Faculty Name Title Venue
Dr.Vinish Kumar Intel Multi Core Programming for Academia UPTU Lucknow
Dr.Vinish Kumar Functional Communication skills for Engineering Faculty HRIT Ghaziabad
Dr.Vinish Kumar NTP07, DB2 & SQL Programming JSS Acedemy of Tech. Edu. Noida
Dr.Vinish Kumar Adhyayan IMS with NASSCOM IT, GZB
Dr.Vinish Kumar Emerging Trends in Banking IIT Roorkee
Pradeep Tripathi Emerging Trends in Banking IIT Roorkee
Vishal Kr Kanaujia IMS with NASSCOM IT, GZB AKG college Ghaziabad
Faculty Name Title Venue
Dr.Vinish Kumar Database of Software Loaded on PC using C Language BHEL, Haridwar
Dr.Vinish Kumar Mail Server Management using JAVA IMS, Ghaziabad
Dr.Vinish Kumar Simulator of Sorting Algo SDCET,Ghaziabad
Dr.Vinish Kumar Online Counselling Management SGIT,Ghaziabad
Manish Kumar Ticket Sales Management SGIT,Ghaziabad
Prabhat Arora Pairwise test Case Generation Algorithm AFSET, Faridabad
Prabhat Arora Auction & Barter System-Ecommerce based website SGIT, Ghaziabad
Pradeep Tripathi e-commerce website SGIT, Ghaziabad
Pradeep Tripathi online exam portal SGIT, Ghaziabad
Pradeep Tripathi Education portal pvtltd,noida
Pradeep Tripathi Requirement elicitation AFSET Faridabad
Vishal Kr. Kanaujia Hotal Management System KIET, Ghaziabad
Vishal Kr. Kanaujia Face recognition based on LCCR Using Min KD Tree UKTU, Dehradun
Shivani Jindal Online Shopping Mart Valid Page,Noida
Shivani Jindal Online Classifieds Site RKGITW,Ghaziabad
Shipra Jain K-Step using JAVA HMRITM, Delhi
Shipra Jain Message Electronique using JAVA HMRITM, Delhi

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